About Us

Kollel Beth HaTalmud Yehudah Fishman Institute was founded in 1981, and was the first overseas community Kollel established by the Lakewood Yeshiva under the direction of the legendary Torah leaders, Rabbi Shneur Kotler and Rabbi Nosson Wachtfogel zt’l.

The Kollel consists of a core group of scholars who are engaged in full-time study at an advanced level, who, upon graduation assume leadership positions in the Jewish community, throughout Australia as well as abroad.

The Kollel is also an educational resource for the Australian community for Jews of all backgrounds, ages and level of observance. Through innovative programmes and classes, our goal is to help Jews connect to their rich spiritual heritage, by providing a positive Torah learning experience.

Please consider joining one of our programs. We are confident that you will find it spiritually uplifting, as well as an enjoyable experience.

Seen here are the founding members of the Kollel on the arrival in Australia, circa 1980

The Rosh Kollel giving Shiur in the old Beis Medrash some 30 years ago

RIGHT: The newly built Beis HaMedrash extension was completed in the late '80s 

The Beis Hamedrash in full swing now. (August 2016)